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  :: DVD implementation-Video station

Silverwood now offers a new and exclusive service: You can now transfer your old VHS films and Video 8 onto Video CD- Cd rom or DVD.

  • Video film transcriptions from VHS - UMATIC - BVU - DV - etc…) onto video/CD and DVD supports
  • Personal editing for what ever your film may be. Documentaries, sports manifestations, martial arts, school recitals, dance shows
  • Didactic videos, ceremonies, video catalogs, video resumes, video presentations for various types of manifestations, trade fairs and video showcases
  • Music video clips
  • Reorganization of historic archives with photographs, films, paper files, sound tracks, etc…; converting all into one neat CD-rom

Video catalogs

Implementing film footage and utilizing them in video catalogs is a very efficient way to communicate and capture immediate attention even from the most noted connoisseurs.

DVD: consulting and research access is immediate and can be fitted to virtual graphics buttons which display and enhance great scenery effects for any detailed presentation.


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