recording studio - post production - live audio and musical recordings
Studi di registrazione e postproduzione Silverwood


  :: The first portable recording studio of it's kind

Do you have to realize and produce a radio communication, a Jingle. Or a sound track synchronized to a video directly from the theater or from your office or rehearsal room?

I.A.S. Intelligent Audio Solution today can realize, record and produce high quality audio directly from your location, from speaking to dubbing to musical compositions, post recording and voicing, to television themes, events shows and concerts.

Thanks to our portable digital recording studio, Silverwood is equipped to handle:

  • Live concert recordings for shows and events
  • Recordings for speeches, conferences and debates
  • Radio communications, jingles, theme songs and sound tracks

"…Silverwood has presented it's essential and very efficient post production equipment which ic managed entirely through portable PC's. Silverwood utilizes a live recording system equipped with 24 separate tracks on HD…..It's unique particularity is that the system (thanks to external HD Firewire) allows it to employ every special characteristic when used either in a fixed or mobile location…(and so translating into post production terms, has an enormous modulating capacity working within affordable costs)….User friendly, it also ensures the highest quality of sound in post production while giving total freedom of choice of application such as :audio for video."



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