Recording studio - post production - music production - sound tracks
Studi di registrazione e postproduzione Silverwood


  :: A multifunctional structure

Being a multifunctional structure,
Silverwood is dynamic It's innovative expertise and polyhedric nature in the following areas: :

-Sound Design
-Artistic Consulting

Modular recording studios equipped with specialized software and hardware to fit your every need:

-Musical compositions
-Arrangements and charts
-Post production
-Musical production
-Audio recording
-Video and audio synchronization
-Digital sound remastering
-Special effects for soundtracks in Surround
-Encoding Dolby Digital (Ac3), DTS -Digital video services (DVD and Video CD)

Silverwood can also avail it's clients with a new state of the art portable recording studio which beats anything unprecedented. with the most sophisticated technology able to record live events anywhere with a sound quality matching that of the traditional studio.


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