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Studi di registrazione e postproduzione Silverwood


  :: Re-mastering and regenerating old recordings
:: Re-recording and transcribing of tapes, audio cassettes, LP's and DAT's onto CDs.

As we well know, audio material including tapes, cassettes, records, Dat's,etc., represents an exceptional means of communication and an integral part of the complex factors which culture represents. This fact however can present a series of problems when depending upon the original resource of the sound. Problems such as:

  • The poor state or deterioration of the actual physical and chemical composition of the actual material together with the mechanical stress that happens with records and tapes that lose their magnetization
  • The lack of intrinsic standardization connected to the various recording techniques that have been used in the past
  • The difficulty in managing the archives in practical terms, in quality and in time

Silverwood is able to restore and "freeze" (through re-mastering your documents, permitting you to preserve them unaltered through time on organized CDs according to your favorite criteria. In order to obtain these optimal results, we use innovative audio digitalized techniques that have been tested for their high quality.


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