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  • Implementation for: DJ master recordings, dance productions, musical accompaniment for ballets.
  • Implementing personal compilations
  • Sound tracks, dubbing, sound demo's for actors, poets, and theater groups
  • Master demos for song writers, ensembles, orchestras, bands, etc…
  • Remastering and regenerating old recordings
  • Creating and producing classical, lyrical, operetta ethnic, electronic, background music, pop, world music, jazz, fusion, new age and music for music therapy and esoteric use
  • Jingles, sound tracks for film, documentaries, commercials for radio, television and theme songs
  • Services for arrangers, composers, sound designers and musical consultants
  • Vocal and sound dubbing, audio and video post production for films, documentaries, soundtracks, theme songs for film and television, multimedia music grooves for internet
  • Musical compositions and/or recordings synchronized to film, television, commercial images, etc…
  • Musical compositions and EFX direct in 5.1 (surround)
  • Surround Edition/Mastering- Encoding Dolby Digital (Ac3), DTS " Film editing and video transcriptions from tape to DVD or Video CD
  • Mobile studio rental, portable recording studio/HD recording in 24 tracks for live concerts, productions links for cinema, television, events, manifestations, ect…


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